Carol Duvall Episodes (all with liquid polymer clay):

Ann and Karen have been demonstrating their original liquid polymer clay techniques on the Carol Duvall Show for several years. For complete instructions on how to make these projects, please refer to the Home and Garden Television web site at and enter the episode number, or click on the episode number next to the project below.

Episode # CDS-1457:
Transfer Mosaic Necklace: an intricate transfer onto solid polymer clay makes beautiful tiles for this mosaic pendant created with liquid polymer clay as an adhesive and a grout
Episode # CDS-1413:
Leopard Print License Plate Frame: a simple leopard cane spices up a metal license place frame, impression glazed lettering with liquid polymer clay adds personalization
Episode # CDS-1360:
Bow Tie Link Necklace: fabric infused with liquid polymer clay creates flexible connecting links for solid polymer clay links, a unique method for designing necklaces and belts from polymer clay
Episode # CDS-1329:
Embossed Garden Tin: new dimensional effects are added to colored craft foil with the use of liquid polymer clay both as a backing stabilizer and an antiqued finish, a great detail for fun garden accessories

Episode # CDS-1256:
Clay Fabric Lampshade: hand colored transfers onto fabric form the translucent panels of this dimensional ribboned lampshade, polymer clay caned beads decorate the drops
Episode # CDS-1212:
Clay Ribbon Rose Hand Mirror: ribbons of polymer clay are delicately twisted to create luscious roses for embellishing a hand mirror constructed of solid and liquid polymer clay and gold leaf

Episode # CDS-1146:
Polymer Clay Cloisonné Memory Book: solid and liquid polymer clay, craft foil, and leather are combined to make an elaborate cover for a memory book; imitating the effect of cloisonné
Episode # CDS-1106:
Double-Sided Terra Cotta Bead Bracelet: this chunky bead bracelet features a double sided molding method to make beads; the solid terra cotta color beads are enhanced with tinted liquid clay glazes

Episode # CDS-1029:
Terra Cotta Tiles: a flower pot is decorated with terra cotta style tiles made from solid and liquid polymer clay to make an elegant garden container
Episode # CDS-952:
Leaf Votive: a glowing leaf embellished glass votive is made with translucent solid polymer clay textured with real leaves, and glazed with tinted liquid clay
Episode # CDS-942:
Clay and Fabric Bookmarks: liquid polymer clay is applied to a hand colored photocopy (with toner) and a piece of fabric; felt and a tassel are added to the clay fabric to create an ornate bookmark
Episode # CDS-813:
Liquid Clay Mosaic Box: this project shows how to create mosaic tiles with solid polymer clay and adhere them to a paper mache box using liquid polymer clay as an adhesive and a mosaic grout

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